Our Services

Our Services

Social Media Marketing

It is all about evolution and adaptation!The future is happening right now.
On the virtual environment, trends are changing faster than ever.The future is happening right now. On the virtual environment, trends are changing faster than ever. Our team provide social media marketing for brands of all sizes. Being known as one of the best SEO experts in Thane, we create impactful content marketing strategies based on business goals to give you the higher ROI via all relevant channels such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube etc.


As the famous saying goes – first impression is the last impression and our professional team thinks everything in much detail to eliminate risks. That one missing orchid flower or that one broken glass of water, can backfire on your business. But set back and relax, from conceptual planning and organizing to the actual event; we have got a handful of experience in brining your brand into spotlight.

Content Development

Strategic, informative and engaging content marketing. At K communications, we understand that words are powerful and that is why we use them well. We won’t make your audience open up a dictionary after reading your ad. Our team keeps it simple and impactful at the same time.


From stickers to banners, and brochures to direct mail campaigns; creating a great brand is as much a science as it is an art. Consumers are exposed to brand messaging all the time. We create an impactful brand identity for you to stick out from the crowd.


It's time to express yourself! Let us get this out of the way, AV’s and effective marketing are indivisible. At K comm, we move your success one frame at a time. Our range of services include product videos, e-learning, corporate videos etc.

Strategic marketing

Talent cannot recompense for a good strategy and K com offers all its clients a strategic take on marketing in order to achieve the best possible results.